Old School Ice Cream Making With Modern Convenience Features

With its unique old style looks and its modern ice cream making capabilities, this machine from White Mountain is a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen. It features a 4-quart ice cream canister, as well as a powerful 12,000 RPM universal electric motor that is strong enough for making any dessert for one person or the entire family. This really brings you back to the history of how ice cream was made.

It’s prowess as well as its styling has garnered this particular ice cream maker with some nice feedback from customers. If you are looking for something that is eye catching as well as functional that is a hit with adults and kids alike, then this ice cream maker may be just what you are looking for.

Product Features

12,000-RPM Motor: This unit is equipped with a powerful electric motor that provides consistent motion during the entire ice cream making process. As such, your mixture is going to be properly mixed and aerated while being frozen at the same time, which will prevent the formation of ice crystals, ensuring that your ice cream will have the desired texture and consistency. Moreover, the motor is powerful enough to handle several types of frozen dessert other than ice cream, including frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and other drinks.

Triple-Action Motion: This White Mountain model features a patented triple-action dasher that is manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron, and electroplated to prolong its durability. Since the beech wood blades are self-adjusting, the machine will provide uniform scrapping of the ice cream on the canister’s interior sidewall, aerating it adequately to avoid ice crystals and achieve a creamy consistency.

Stainless Steel Canister: This maker comes with a stainless steel canister that is easy to use and clean. Due to its taller design, the canister will come into close contact with the rock salt and ice, fastening the freezing process substantially. Furthermore, the stainless steel will keep the temperature of the container even, permitting you to obtain the best texture each and every time.

Wood Bucket Design: Made from New England pine, the dark wood stained bucket of this White Mountain unit is bound with electroplated fittings and galvanized hoops to ensure a better resistance. With the appealing White Mountain logo on the front, this model will really stand out in just about any kitchen.

What Owners Like About It?

Fast Operation: According to many owners, this machine can make ice cream much faster as compared to other models on the market. Due to its powerful, 12,000-RPM motor, you can expect your frozen dessert to be done in about 20-25 minutes at most, so you can make several batches in one hour even with very little planning.

Great Consistency: If the consistency of your ice cream matters a lot to you, then you will find this machine to be a dream. This maker delivers a finished product that is not too soft and not too hard. If you want the ice cream to be firmer, you can either leave this unit to work more, or simply put the bowl in the freezer after 20 minutes. Owners really like how well ice cream turns in the end.

Easy to Use: This ice cream machine is extremely easy to use as you will notice right out of the box, requiring you only a few minutes for the assembly process. To turn it on or off, simply plug or unplug the machine in/from a socket. Along with the metal handle grip, this wooden bucket-style ice cream maker will be very easy to carry around, allowing you to put it anywhere in your home.

Durable Construction: Most buyers who have tried this ice cream machine were very happy with its quality construction, which is due to the New England pine wood and the strong galvanized hoops that bind it. No matter how much of your frozen dessert you want to make this unit should last.

What Could Be Better?

Bothersome Noise: Though the White Mountain works seamlessly, one of the biggest complaints you will have about it is the bothersome noise it makes. If you are not used to this kind of noise, or if you simply cannot bear it, you might want to look elsewhere for your dream ice cream machine.

Leakage: A couple of customers have reported this particular model to have leaked and left a salty water mess.

Bottom Line

The White Mountain Appalachian Series is a real eye catcher that appeals to simpler times when home made ice cream was a real luxury. It also makes a pretty decent bowl of ice cream. The wooden bucket design option is a nostalgic throwback that some users really prefer. While this might not rank up there with some of theĀ top reviewed ice cream machines currently available, it is still worth a look. Owners tend to really appreciate its functionality and this model has received some very good reviews and as it scores in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.

The video below features the 6 quart version of this machine. The 4 quart has the same features and works in the exact same way.